Bi Princess Verification Process

When signing up please take the time to take a clear picture of yourself holding a sign showing "BiPrincess" and your screen name (must be legible)
Females that are part of a couple can have their own profile as well, but if caught trying to hook up with a couple as a couple using a profile of her own she will lose that profile.
She can only use that profile to find another single female. If you are a couple, the female half can do the photo verification holding the sign
This will be verified proof of your account to stop fake signups, your image will not be viewed by any other member except BiPrincess Staff
We will make your image private after approval in your profile.
You may delete it at that time.
If you do not provide the required picture or if the image is not clear your account will be declined, please try again.
Single females and couples click signup button


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